How can I protect one internal hard drive from ransomware?

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How can I protect one internal hard drive from ransomware?

Повідомлення Johneames » 02 грудня 2017 09:04

Hi all,

I have a desktop (Win 10, i7 processor, 16 gigs RAM, GTX 970 video) with four drives (three hard drives and one SSD); all are inside the case. One is set just to back up my files, etc. Now with the ransom infections going around, how can one isolate or protect the fourth hard drive from being encrypted by a ransomware virus? I do have an external drive that I could turn on and off but would prefer to just have a hard drive in the case isolated with a password so it is safe from hackers and could restore the system. What suggestions can CNET members offer? CNET is great.

Thank you!

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References : ... ansomware/

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