WYSIWYG *and* advanced template customizing???

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WYSIWYG *and* advanced template customizing???

Повідомлення Johneames » 04 грудня 2017 10:37

Hey everyone,

I represent a small organization of about 30 staff. We're not primarily a web-based company (we're a camp and conference center) which has resulted in us neglecting our web presence pretty significantly, but that's something I'm working on changing. We're hoping to rebuild our website, but the dilemma I'm running into is that we don't have anyone proficient enough in coding to consider building our website from scratch, so I've been looking at different WYSIWYG hosting services. But here's the rub. We have a fantastic graphic designer who has created a great look/brand/logo for us and we'd want to build that look, style, and color scheme into our website template. So here's the question: Is there a WYSIWYG web builder that allows enough customization to their templates that we could make it fit with our logo, color scheme, and branding? Or does that just necessarily require an advanced understanding of coding to make that happen? What web hosting service would be our best bet? Or should we just consider outsourcing the web rebuild?


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