No power to my 1060 graphics card can anyone help me out?

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No power to my 1060 graphics card can anyone help me out?

Повідомлення Johneames » 05 грудня 2017 11:42

Hi all,

I have a h110m eco motherboard by msi with a i5 6500k processor, and a 750w power supply. Everything in my PC runs smoothly except when I put a 1060 6gb by gigabyte in my PC it won't work. The 1060's fans go on for around a second and then just shut off and the monitor is completely blank. I have tried different pci 3 cords with no luck. I have loosened the graphics card and the fitting so it can glide with still no luck. The motherboard says it's compatible with pci 3 but it's not working?? Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong kind of new to PC building but I know for sure without the graphics card the PC runs perfectly.


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