Presonus AudioBox Music Creation Suite

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Presonus AudioBox Music Creation Suite

Повідомлення Robinson » 15 травня 2018 15:00


I was given Total Studio 3 for Christmas. I am looking for some help as all I want to do is some simple recording with keyboard and guitar. I am disabled and have to lay and play but that does not matter. What I need to find out is this Total Studio 3 a DAW as it is called or do I need to purchase something like this Presonus bundle to help me in recording. It is just general recording, I already have a PODX3 live that I have been using for my guitar interface. The old keyboard I have is too heavy for my legs and I am unable to sit upright. I am lost in what I am doing as there is so much stuff in Total Studio 3 that I am unable to determine what to record with and mix. I am only using this for Church and not professionally but the sound matters to me. The question is, is this Presonus AudioBox Music Creation Suite something I need to add to my Total Studio 3 bundle to complete it or is there an Audio Box and keyboard I should look at with IK Multimedia and I suspect I record with T Racks. Please pardon my ignorance as the last 5 years have been challenging. Now it is time to have this go right and easy for me to use

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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