Sync issues making music video

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Sync issues making music video

Повідомлення faelanstevie » 30 квітня 2018 13:34


I'm new to luma fusion so it maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'm making a music video with some quite agressive editing with short and quick transitions with quite a lot of blank spaces. The problem I seem to have is that occasionally when I preview my work the clips don't seem to match the beat where I placed them. Sometimes it's ok but mostly it seems to drift, which is more notable for the vocal parts with video clips of mouthed words which don't match. I realise that perhaps the visual audio wave file might not be an accurate representation of the music so I've been relying on sonic cues putting flashes on drum beats etc but as I say when I preview it's not where I put them. I can only think that there is an issue either with the preview panel? Any ideas. Any help greatly appreciated.

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