Transcendent Stones come in three tiers

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Transcendent Stones come in three tiers

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Transcendent Stones come in three tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Intensification Stones also come in different grades: Hero, Legendary, and Ancient corresponding to buy mu legend zen respective Tiers.
Therefore, the way to craft the best Transcendent Stone is to craft the best Intensification Stone.

We will talk about the different benefits of the various territory grades later. In this section, it is sufficient to mention that a territory's grade determines how many Intensification Stones can be crafted at a time. Having a higher-grade region will significantly boost the efficiency of your Intensification Stone crafting.

Contribution Shop
With the Faction War update, you can finally spend the Contribution Points that haven't had a use in the game so far.
In each territory, you will find a Contribution Merchant!

Contribution Merchants sell a wide selection of unique mu legend zen items in exchange for Contribution Points.
The merchants' inventory will be expanded and improved in the future. So, wait for the coming updates!BY here thanks,well done!
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