"In places that haven't had a fire in a number of years

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"In places that haven't had a fire in a number of years

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BANGKOK Alfredo Talavera World Cup Jersey , April 21 (Xinhua) -- Michelin and the Tourism Authority of Thailand on Friday said during a press conference that the first Michelin Guide for Thai capital Bangkok will be released later this year.

The release of the Michelin Guide Bangkok will make Thailand the second country in Southeast Asia and the sixth in Asia to have its own Michelin Guide, one of the world's most revered and recognized hotel and restaurant reference guide.

Lionel Dantiacq, president and managing director of East Asia and Australia, Michelin Group, said during the debut announcement that the partnership between Michelin and the tourism authority is a proof of the group's dedication and love for Thailand, the country in which Michelin has been operating with success and pride for more than 25 years Alejandro Palacios World Cup Jersey , employing some 7,000 people around the kingdom.

"Bangkok stands as one of the culinary capitals of the world, with amazing cuisines from various types of dining establishments, be it fine-dining restaurants, trendy eateries, and street food hawkers Adrian Aldrete World Cup Jersey ," said Dantiacq, adding that they are excited to lend their long-standing credibility to Bangkok's dining scene.

"I believe the guide will help to improve our country's image, attract more quality tourists, and also will contribute to a better income distribution in the tourism industry," said Tourism and Sports Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul.

According to Yuthasak Supasorn, governor of the Tourism Authority Mexico World Cup Jerseys , the Michelin Guide Bangkok 2018 will be released in December this year and the annual Michelin Guide Bangkok will be released consistently for at least five years.

Yuthasak said they will also talk with Michelin to cover more Thai cities, such as Chiang Mai and Phuket, in the future.

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China, Vietnam conclude joint fishery inspection in Beibu Gulf

British parties witness hectic first day of election campaigning

Trump says Iran "not living up to the spirit" of 2015 nuclear deal

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SEOUL, Feb. 18 (Xinhua) -- A resort building crashed down in the southeastern city of South Korea Monday night, killing 10 people Yasser Corona World Cup Jersey , including nine college students, and injuring dozens of others, a senior official at the state-run emergency management agency said Tuesday.

""Ten people were confirmed dead, two were seriously injured and 16 others were slightly wounded,"" Lee Jae-yeul, director general of the general adjustment team at South Korea's National Emergency Management Agency Vicente Matias Vuoso World Cup Jersey , told reporters at a televised press conference.

Lee said that search and rescue operations were completed as of 2 p.m. local time Tuesday, around 17 hours after a gymnasium at the Mauna Ocean Resort in Gyeongju, some 370 km southeast of Seoul, caved in at about 9:06 p.m. Monday.

When the gymnasium roof collapsed under the weight of heavy snow, more than 560 students of the Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS) were participating in a welcoming event for freshmen who came from the southern port city of Busan.

Among 10 confirmed dead, nine were students from the BUFS and one was an agent for the event organizing company. Two students and 11 event organizers Rodolfo Pizarro World Cup Jersey , who had been out of contact and estimated to be trapped yet in the roof, were all accounted for.

The gymnasium roof caved in as the building was unable to withstand the weight of snow, according to estimates by police and fire authorities. Exact cause of the accident is being investigated by prosecutors and police.

The area where the collapse happened went through a heavy snowfall. Over the past week, the Gyeongju city and its surrounding area had about 50 cm of snow.

Neglect of safety management by the resort operator Kolon Corp. was determined as one of the potential causes of the deadly accident. The gymnasium, built as a pre-fabricated structure, has never received any safety check since the completion of its construction in 2009 Raul Jimenez World Cup Jersey , according to local media reports.

Kolon Corp. Chairman Lee Woong-yeul told a televised press conference that heavy responsibility was felt for the deaths of young students, apologizing to the bereaved families. The Mauna Ocean Resort is operated by a unit of the Kolon Corp., which has a 50 percent stake in the resort operator.

Heavy snow and icy roads slowed rescue efforts. Rescuers had difficulties in reaching the scene as the building is located at the top of the mountain and snow laid thick on the ground. Most rescue workers had to walk several hundred meters through the slippery and narrow road to the scene.

According to the emergency management agency, a total of 1,448 rescuers, including fire and police officials and troops from nearby Marine Corps and Army units Rafael Marquez World Cup Jersey , were dispatched to the scene.

" Quality issues are not too far from being part of manufacturing industry. They had been accepted elements of it. And in most cases, if not all, the only question is not the probability of their existence but rather the timing of them. The question now is, is there any rule or law that forces any manufacturer or trader to compensate their buyer? The answer to this is too simple.

Technically, there is no treaty or rule that requires manufacturers and traders to give compensation to their buyers for whatever product quality issues arise during their transactions. However, many of the Chinese suppliers answer this concern of buyers through their warranty offers. The problem is that Paul Aguilar World Cup Jersey , many of us think that warranty is just the same as compensation while in fact it is really not what we have thought it is.

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