Why does Polygon keep writing articles about Pewdiepie?

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Why does Polygon keep writing articles about Pewdiepie?

Повідомлення Johneames » 17 листопада 2017 13:56

Hello all,

I honestly don't understand what why Polygon keeps writing articles about him.

What is the point of just writing articles for the sake of making someone look bad?

I've noticed pretty often that the title does not reflect the tone of the articles such as some reviews where the title and sub-header create a bad taste and the article keeps a pretty fair tone. I'm not sure if this is because other people write the titles like at other sites and just need something people will click on or I'm not sure...

I've just not been enjoying how negative a lot of articles have been lately, especially the titles, and am wondering how other people feel?


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References : https://www.polygon.com/forums/off-topi ... -pewdiepie

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