Jon Bershad wants to coach your improv/direct your sketch

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Jon Bershad wants to coach your improv/direct your sketch

Повідомлення tupacshakaur » 21 лютого 2018 13:51

incredibly funny person/people whose amazing talents are just waiting to be coaxed to the surface! My name is Jon Bershad.

I'm currently a writer for the UCB Maude team Beige and a performer on the UCB Lloyd team Apollo. I've been seriously studying improv since 2007 and sketch since 2006. I've co-hosted the monthly improv show The Jonoscene Jonvention (featuring four guys named "Jon," not just me being super narcissistic) since 2012 and I've written sketch for Above Average, Funny or Die, and was a staff writer on the TV sketch series The B.S. of A.

I would love to coach your improv team or sketch team, direct your sketch show, or give you notes on a packet. For coaching and directing, I charge $25 an hour with discounts for smaller groups.
For more details:
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