ESPEasy P2P network questioin or issue... Fixed, late night

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ESPEasy P2P network questioin or issue... Fixed, late night

Повідомлення Robinson » 15 травня 2018 15:04


I am running mega-20180329 on a pair of Wemos D1's acting as receiver'rs and a Wemos D1 running mega-20180327 as a source. The source has 3 dummy devices with currently the first 2 data points in use and I have set up the RX units with the same task numbers and names. 1 of the RX units gets data in all six of the expected task slots and the other only gets data in the 2 slots for task 6 and task 7, but not task 8. I can't find good docs on the new method of using this feature... So, do I need to have that controller enabled on each unit and only tag it on the unit that is the transmitter?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

References: ... php?t=5119
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