PS4 and Xbox Issue - Console or Lag?

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PS4 and Xbox Issue - Console or Lag?

Повідомлення Robinson » 17 травня 2018 15:23


I play daily and split my time up between an Xbox One S and a PS4. The consoles are in different rooms but are networked the same and plug in via CAT6 to the main router. I have made my settings the same on both consoles with regards to weather, fov, etc.What I notice is that RL runs faster and smoother on the PS4. It feels soupy on the XB1 in comparison. On the Xbox the timing of my contact to the ball seems delayed by a small amount and overall the game just feels slower and harder to control.I have been wondering if this is a network issue or the game itself. My ping is usually 40ms on either console.Does anyone else run both a PS4 and Xbox? Is it just my connection or does this happen to you too?

Please help.

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