proof that you can learn to love running

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proof that you can learn to love running

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This is going to be a short roundup due to the fact that last week included the 4th of July holiday here in the US. It’s traditionally a vacation week for many families, mine included, and is typically one of the slowest traffic weeks of the year for my blog (and I’m sure many others in the running niche). Spent a great week up in Maine, but running suffered a bit – sometimes you have to prioritize time with family over stressing about fitting runs in. Back to it on Monday! My good friend Nate Sanel Nike Air Max 95 Damen has posted a couple of new trail shoe reviews. First, regarding the Altra Olympus, Nate loves the fit and feel, but had some issues with the contour and stiffness of the sole, though that has improved with use. In his second review, Nate took on the recently released New Balance MT110v2. He likes a Nike Air Max 90 Damen Pink lot of the updates to the shoe, but the move away from the Minimus last seems to be a deal breaker for him. He writes: “The V2 is no longer built on the minimus last. I questioned that immediately, way before I ever held one in my hand. I mean, the minimus design is what drew so many of us to that shoe (and the others built on the NL-1). And it no longer looks foot shaped, it looks like a 1930’s dress shoe with a super pointy toe box.”One of the cool things that my 5K Yes I Can! co-coach Erin Girzone (Erin is in the pink shoes in the Nike Air Max 2016 Womens photo at left) arranged for our group this year was a before-after interview with a reporter from a local paper. She wanted to document how people changed after completing the program.
Keith Testa from the Concord Monitor came to one of our workouts early on in the program to chat with some of our Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose runners, then he returned the day of our target race and interviewed the same people again. The responses are incredibly gratifying for me as a coach, and you can read them all in Keith’s article titled: “We unearthed scientific proof that you can learn to love running.” To give you a sampling, here is what a few of the runners had to say (all four of the individuals below were non-runners at the start of the program)For a long time I would not have considered trying a shoe like the Nike Pegasus. I generally like shoes that are lighter and Adidas Superstar Mujer lower profile, but over the past couple of years I’ve come to realize that a higher drop shoe will work fine for me if it has a relatively soft heel. I think a soft heel alters the functional drop of a shoe for me – compression of the heel under weight makes the drop feel lower than it actually Nike Air Max 90 Femme is.
My first experience with the Nike Pegasus came when I bought a pair of the Peg 29 for a consulting project I was working on. I tried them on at a Nike outlet and was surprised by how comfortable they were (I often have trouble with Nike’s being too narrow). They had a very soft feel underfoot, and I couldn’t help but take them for a run. On the run they felt great, but I started to experience some abrasion along the ball behind my right big toe. This is very common for me in shoes that have a soft forefoot – I tend to pronate more on my right side and have a tendency to cave in the inner border of shoes with soft forefoot midsoles. You can see this phenomenon in action in the video belowWhen Nike released the Peg 31 I had heard from fellow shoe geeks that they made the shoe a bit firmer, particularly under the forefoot. Given Nike Air Max 2017 Heren my experience with the Peg 29, I couldn’t resist giving them a try – a similar ride with a more stable forefoot might just do the trick. A few weeks ago I headed over to my local running store to try a pair on. They fit well and felt good underfoot, so I brought them home with me (Disclosure: these Nike Air Force 1 Dámské shoes were a personal purchase).
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