How to Begin Pro-Am Walk-On in NBA 2K19

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How to Begin Pro-Am Walk-On in NBA 2K19

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The badge for free throws is named Free Twist Ace. To unlock the badge, you will need to stand up a total of 12,000 adventure points on free throw shooting. 2K19 MT is possible to unlock and level the badge by shooting free throws in NBA matches or within the clinic court.


Landing each free throw shooter in NBA matches grants you 160 encounter points on the Free Throw Ace badge. If that is your go-to workout for grinding on the free throw badge, then simply keep driving towards the basket using a dunk or layup in hopes the defenders attempt to foul you.

This is the quickest way to better your free throw rating if you can consistently get a two or three star rating on the practice drill. To trigger the free throw drill, then click on the button for "select badge to operate on" and select the Free Throw Ace drill.

It is possible to see your complimentary throw stat from going to the options menu during a match. From there, pick box score on your MyCareer character. All your stats are situated in the features section.

Alongside the respective establishments and mini-game regions in NBA 2K19's The Neighborhood social hub are two staple game modes in the annual baseball name: MyPark and Pro-Am. The latter game mode lets you engage in a 5v5 match against other player-controlled custom made characters. Accessing game modes such as these was quite simple in past installments as you can start matches by selecting NBA 2K19 News on the main menunonetheless, it could be somewhat difficult to start Pro-Am Walk-On games in NBA 2K19.
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